to be Easier and Smarter

As the common know, the financial market has high protential to be profitable, However, it can be understood that it takes efforts on polishing your skills and acquiring relevant experiences, as well as takes up times to be spent on keeping track the markets. you know what? It's okay! If you're not feeling up to it by yourself, we have the perfect solution for you!

JQL Markets has launched PAMM system which allows you to access different kind of trading opportunities without any hesitations of acquiring technical skills, and it can be done within the minimum time. All you need to do is just simply begin by choosing a MASTER according to your requirements and get into the pooled funds; therefore, you can enjoy the investment journey freely and your funds will be managed by your appointed master while retaining a full control of your money. Most importantly, you'll only need to pay with just a portion of the profits generated by the master.

JQL PAMM system is a bridge to connect both investor and Master at trading platform, where you can make investment easy and convenient in just five steps.